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  Some places along the North Atlantic are described as being at the end of the world. There are two kinds of people there, those that have always lived there, and those that come…to escape the world.

The folk of North Mountain, are often telling of the legend of the Black Dog, a mysterious Black Wolf who leads a mystical Pack of ghost Wolves, who protect the forest and the sacred fishing grounds from all usurpers.  The Pack seems to materialize and then vanish, but leaves traces…tracks upon the forest floor.  Hugh Farrand has offered a bounty for the Big Black and his Pack, for the legend has deterred some investors in his proposed development.  His henchman, the slovenly hillbilly Philas Dunderton has been assigned the task of killing the Big Black.  His slow-witted nephew Hubert, is a firebug, and inadvertently starts a barn fire which is blamed on the Big Black, this Farrand uses to his advantage. 

In a remote fishing village on the North Atlantic, an ensemble of tormented souls battle the elements, striving to free themselves from the past, and find some kind of spiritual restitution.

Don Purdee is known as the last Pirate of the North Atlantic, for his plundering of shipwrecks off Sable Island, and other shenanigans.  He also has the reputation as a modern day Robin Hood,  an exceptional seaman, often risking all to save many from the fierce storms.  Being admired by  many, the law would tend to overlook his transgressions, and his brawling hard living spirit.

On a lonely slip of shore, the settlement of Three Fathom Harbor weathered the climes, a smattering of shacks—many now empty, a solemn reminder of all the Fishermen who had perished at Sea.  Among those lost, was Romeo Beulieau, Don’s partner.

In exile, and under a new identity, Bruno and Marlise had arrived to begin anew in this remote sanctuary.  A past, which in their case was with the Baader-Meinhoff Faction. Although innocent, the pair are being sought for a Terrorist bombing in Germany. Bruno had been an Engineer and Marlise a noted Actress—the isolation wore heavily upon.

Father McGrady is a defrocked Priest, but ministers to the folk of the Settlement.  He once was a Sergeant in The Black Watch. After losing his wife and infant daughter in a bombing raid, he turned to the Cloth…though consumed by grief in an ongoing war with God, and the bottle.

One day a beautiful Anna arrives, pregnant and searching for Romeo Beulieau, the man responsible.  McGrady and Don take her in, reticent to tell her of Romeo’s fate.  Soon Marlise and Bruno offer to look after Anna, and it gives Marlise a sense of purpose.  But in her heart, she too pines for Romeo her secret lover, whose ghost haunts her—often seen with the mythical Black Dog and his wolfpack, protectors of North Mountain. 

Refueling from a cache on Sable Island, Don finds a marooned Gabriel, and takes him on as a mate on his Cape Islander. The two soon encounter a horrific storm, the cod-laden boat cannot outrun; and in their battle against the elements, rescue a crew from a sinking Yacht—ironically the same that had abandoned Gabriel.

The underlying efforts of Hugh Farrand, to develop the Harbor and North Mountain, run counter to the souls there, and to the Spirits of the Black Dog. When soliciting funds from Germany, Farrand discovers a Million dollar reward for Bruno and Marlise. 

Herr Brinkmann arrives to arrest the pair, and the chase is on…Don and friends do all they can to secure freedom for Bruno and Marlise, in a startling action packed conclusion.

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