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"The Bourne Identity" meets "Angels and Demons"

"What is now proved was once only imagin’d

William Blake


In the Peruvian Amazon forest, a group of ecologists fight against the multi-corporation Monsanto and  Buyer that are poisoning organic crops with GMO seeds pollen, but realize that the danger is much more hidden and older, than they ever suspected.

 -  INT. HELICOPTER -DAY He opens his eyes inside of a Helicopter, he sits up. The kidnappers are relaxed now. He looks around confused. He doesn’t remember who they are. He even doesn’t remember who he is. One of the men smiles at him.

KLAUSS- Are you ok? You banged your head a bit harder (laughs). But you have a hard head (laughs) LUIGI- You can release him now. We are outside of limits. Ernest looks even more confused. He looks outside and sees only forest. It is then he realizes he is in handcuffs. The kidnapper gets a key and frees him. He looks outside of the door again; he sees a river cutting through the forest. His instincts take over. He grabs the kidnapers hands, turns his wrist and hits his Adam’s apple. The second one looks surprised, but that was his terrible mistake, he is knocked out too. The door opens and Ernest jumps falling in the river among the trees.



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