Poster Red Letter
A Brunette Kiss
shooting the WW2 period drama, A Brunette Kiss.
Edilberto Restino receiving Award
Receiving award as director of the WW2 film "Brunette Kiss" at Limelight Film Awards in London.
Actress Bridie Latona -Beijo de Morena ABK
Toni and I
The multi awarding, and legendary DoP Tony Imi on set of my film Bridge Over Blue. His last work as director of photography,
Poster Bridge Over Blue1.jpg
Award Winning, Best Director , Best Actress
Edil at Scandalous four 5.1
Red Letter
frame taken from my film Red Letter, that gave me 17 awards.
Poster "Words ov mouf" Prove it.
Chosen to Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival 2012
Tao Tango art 4
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