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Zero 1 Films
01 Films, Known in the film festival circuit as Zer0 1 Films, is a small boutique specialised in creating powerful cinematic films about respecting all sentient beings.
 We have a team of award-winning filmmakers in the UK with branches in Brazil lead by the 21 times award winning film director Edilberto Restino.
Restino won the following awards:
Best Film Director Award for "Bridge Over Blue" at the Rob Knox Film Festival - London 2015
The Grand Prix Award  for "A Brunette Kiss" at EOTP International Film Festival  -  2011/12 England
Best Director Award for "A Brunette Kiss" at Rob Knox Film Festival -  London 2011
Plus 18 other awards in UK and USA, and has more then100 nominations.
Best Director Award for "Red Letter" at 15 Min of Fame International Film Festival - Florida USA 2009
Best Visual/cinematography for "A Brunette Kiss" at Limelight Film Awards -            London 2010
Best Visual/cinematography for "Red Letter" at Limelight Film Awards -      London 2009,

 short listed to Shorts Academy Awards (Oscar)
and long listed to Bafta Shorts.

Films, animation and Videos production

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Edilberto Restino -logo of the film company 01Films - Zer0 1 Films
Laurels won by Edilberto Restino -film company 01Films - Zer0 1 Films
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