Longbow    The Feature FILM Screenplay by Lynn John - Directed by Edilberto Restino

Log Line:


The Welsh Braveheart - the true story of warrior Prince, Llewelyn the Great, and Joan, daughter of King John of England, and the uniting of the country of Wales.

The Pitch:

LONGBOW is a story of love and war in 13th Century Wales and England, of intrigue, of treachery, of the hangings of innocent Welsh hostages, of battles, of sieges, of a handsome warrior Prince, Llewelyn, of Wales, his young and beautiful wife, Joan, and her vicious, vengeful father, King John of England. But above all, it is an inspiring account of the creation of the nation of Wales, and true story of the love and forgiveness that triumphs against all odds.


Joan, the illegitimate daughter of King John of England, is used as a political pawn by her father when he arranges for her to marry Llewelyn, Prince of Wales, John’s bitter foe. Against the odds, she comes to love her charismatic, brilliant and passionate husband. Llewelyn unites Wales under one banner for the first time in its history, and in the process, bloody wars break out again between England and Wales. Wales is invaded twice by the English and Joan is stricken - torn between love for her husband and love for her father. And then, in a moment of seemingly inexplicable madness, Joan succumbs to the persistent sexual attentions of a younger man, Will de Braose, and throws into jeopardy her marriage, her children, her freedom, and her life, when Llewelyn discovers Will in his wife’s bedroom.

But after months of exiling his wife, Llewelyn does the totally unexpected, a seemingly inexplicable act of true love: he forgives Joan. He forgives her infidelity and re-instates her as his consort, next to him, publicly, and dares any man or woman to speak, to gainsay his decision. It really happened. ‘Longbow’ is a true story - a tempestuous, turbulent yet inspiring true story of love in 13th Century Wales.



Llewelyn: ruler of Gwynedd and first Prince of Wales

Joan: Llewelyn’s young wife, and illegitimate daughter of King John of England

Ednyfed, Knight/Crusader, Llewelyn’s marshal, lifetime friend, and founder of the Tudor dynasty

Gwenllian, wife of Ednyfed, who believed him dead in the Holy Land

Will de Braose, the young, handsome, Marcher Lord who seduced the vulnerable Joan

The Longbow - the most lethal weapon of the Middle Ages, that decimated armies, that was Welsh.