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Meet and Greet

Four am. A Jaguar drives in the four-court of the Gatwick Airport. It stops on a lay-by. The driver steps out of the car in the rain. The Brazilian driver has written “meet and greet” on his uniform. The chauffeur is waiting under the rain to give the car back to his customer. The Jaguar is shining with the lamp post light and the rain.

A gentleman approaches and tries to get the key from the chauffeur’s hands without a word.



Good morning! (Stepping back to save the key) Doctor Jones?


Before the customer answers he carries on.



Could I see any ID please?



Why? This is my car! I know my car!



I’m sure you know Dr Jones. But I don’t know you. Would you like I give your car for anyone that claims it?


The customer looks upset and gets his passport and show it.

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