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The Love Story of Gabriel and Veronique, caught in the maelstrom of

Warring Mafia factions, and a Country on the brink of Civil War. The

Irish drug lord Dinger O’Brien uses the distraction of Civil unrest to

Mastermind one of the biggest Banks Heists in History.



In 1970’s Montreal, Gabriel Martin a mysterious Drifter, seems to appear on the Old Montreal Waterfront out of nowhere. Painting in an Atelier on Rue St. Paul, a strapping man in his 30’s…his years as a Tree-Skinner had given him a powerful grip..


Quebec is on the verge of Civil War, and soon the Notre Dame Cathedral is set

ablaze. Montreal begins to erupt in chaos.


Gabriel finds work as a Stevedore on the docks. His Foreman is Jean Guy, sly blade man for The Boss, a Cinzini Mafioso and owner of the upscale Giza Club. The bully of the docks, Gros Denis challenges the stranger Gabriel to an Arm-Wrestling Match, but is destroyed by Gabriel’s vice-like grip. Jean Guy takes note, and brings Gabriel to the Boss, who offers him a job as Maitre d’.


Gabriel meets the beautiful heiress Veronique at the trendy Nuit Magique Club. The electricity between them is apparent to all, including the Irish Gangster Dinger O’Brien… whose Boston Mob and IRA links are legend.. Dinger had a soft spot for struggling Artists, and through his connections, found that he and Gabriel were both born on June 10th 1943. At last, he may have found his long lost twin.


No one is surprised when Gabriel and Veronique depart by caleche for a Romantic Interlude atop Mont Royal. The star-crossed lovers make passionate love on an overlook, under the light of a Full Moon.


When Veronique’s friend, the Gypsy Princess Esmeralda visits her Boutique, Veronique cannot wait to tell Esmeralda about her new love. Esmeralda warns Veronique concerning her jealous ex-boyfriend Bruno, a soldier for the Cinzinis’.


Meanwhile the Great Antonio admonishes Gabriel to not go for the money, and Urges him not to work for The Boss. The Great Antonio is the strongest man in the World, but kind and intelligent…and also a life-long friend of Michele, King of the Gypsies, (Esmeralda’s father). Antonio helped Michele and the Roma Gypsies escape the Slaughter at Plitvice Lakes Croatia in WW II, by hurling boulders down upon the fanatics in pursuit. The Gypsies are constantly threatened by Dietrich

a Nazi extremist in exile, a wealthy Import Dealer who has his own Gang of Henchmen,



The Calabrian Cinzinis', the Boss's family, are struggling to keep the New York Mob out of the City. Their biggest headache is Dinger O'Brien's Irish Gang, as they control both the import of hashish and cocaine into the city.

The flamboyant O'Brien is the envy of both factions of the Mafia. Called 'mother' O'Brien by the people for his Robin Hood ways, and having a fond regard for those trapped in the same poverty as his young days; the gregarious O'Brien loved beautiful women, and generously spread his fortune around ...even the Radical FLQ loved O'Brien, as well as the Hell's Angels. This was his hole card.

From his humble beginnings of 'smash and grab' to burglary, and on to armed robbery; O'Brien was a thief with a heart. Running his drug empire, having the Italians at his mercy, O'Brien is a happy man, but none-the-less, a man with a dream: a comment on the class struggle-- to rob the Royal Bank of the biggest heist in history, and get away with it -- the perfect caper.

In a country, teetering upon Civil War, and rival Mafia Factions fighting for control of the illicit drug trade, O'brien takes advantage of the ensuing enact his plan.


Meanwhile the Gang Warfare escalates, as the an enemy New York Mob seeks to encroach upon the Cinzini’s territory, and also O’Brien’s lucrative drug trade. Who in turn makes Alliances with the Hell’s Angels, and FLQ Radicals who want to run the Italians out of the French Quarter of Old Montreal.



In the Jewish enclave of Westmount, Terrorist Bombs Detonate… & Bombs detonate in Old Montreal, foiling Bruno on his mission to assassinate a leader of the French Mob.


Gros Denis is gunned down by the Italians while leaving his Gym, The Bluebird Club falls prey to arson, as 110 people are burned to death. The Hell’s Angels are blamed.


Prime Minister Trudeau calls up thousands of troops to quell the Rebellion, hundreds of thousands Jewish people leave for Florida and California, fearing the worst .



Bruno goes on a murderous rampage, and breaks into Veronique’s Penthouse, to escape his pursuers. He waits for her to return to exact his jealous revenge for her affair with Gabriel.


The Giza Club is invaded by the French (FLQ) Mob, and Gabriel fights his way free,

but cannot reach Veronique by phone. He is met by Antonio who delivers a message from Veronique, who now is in hiding. Esmeralda and Veronique had been pursued by Dietrich’s Gang, with Esmeralda being wounded. The two women had taken refuge in Veronique’s Penthouse, whereupon Bruno emerges from hiding, and brutally rapes Veronique. Esmeralda revives, bashing him from behind, disabling him. The Gypsy sews Bruno in a sheet, and pours boiling water on him, cooking Bruno. The two women are met by Vancic, (the Gypsy King’s bodyguard) who shoots Bruno, taking the women to safety in the Gypsy District.


Dinger coerces Dietrich, who is also a wealthy Patron of the Arts, to purchase the Mural Painting “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” from Gabriel, seeking to free Gabriel from his job at the Giza Club. Dinger and Dietrich are partners in crime, secretly planning a major Bank Robbery and Escape. After helping Gabriel deliver the Mural to Dietrich’s Estate, Dinger manipulates Gabriel into doing another job with the Van. Gabriel realizes there is more to this than he expected.


The ingenious robbery of the Royal Bank unfolds. As an Armored Truck arrives, the alley blocked on one end, by a Van occupied by an immense Anti-Aircraft Gun, and on the other end by a Van used to flee with the Nine Million. When the Bank Guards see the Anti-Aircraft Gun, they flatten to the street in terror. The Robbery is a success, and the escape is made.


Dinger includes Gabriel in the Robbery, and anticipates Dietrich’s betrayal. In a surprise ending, after rendezvousing with Dietrich at the Lachine Canal, Dinger’s men assassinate Dietrich. Dinger points his gun at Gabriel, who is sure he will be shot too. Dinger informs Gabriel he is his twin, and laughingly throws a bag of money at him…and tells him where to find Veronique…who waits for him at the Notre Dame Cathedral.


Gabriel, Veronique and Gypsy friends depart Notre Dame for parts unknown, with a very big bag of money,


*.(Note* - A fictional account of real events, names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

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