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And if you just found the manuscript that solves the puzzle?

In Dr. Kammler’s book, a Hitler´s scientist, a secret hidden for 65 years is reveled.

Would it changes the world as we know today?

Die Glocke - The secret Bell project from Hitler´s scientists, that until today still a mystery!


To shoot in 4 countries
It will be the first of a trilogy.

Would the discovery of a weapon technology hidden for 70 years bring the tension of power between nations again?Die Glocke is a thriller/romance set in Spain, Ghana, Bolivia and USA in 2014 with flashbacks during the Second World War in Germany and USA.


Starring: Ariadna Gil, Gary Miller-Youst, Catherine Flemming and Talents to be confirmed.

Music by Oscar-winning Stephen Warbeck.


At the end of the Second World War, SS engineers led by the engineer Hans Kammler are in charge of carrying out a secret project, the construction of a prototype: the bell. Die Glocke will be decisive for ending the Second World War; at least, that is what the Führer believed when he entrusted the best of his mathematicians and physicians to work in a secret laboratory at a location somewhere on the planet which, at present, we don’t know. The explanations about how Die Glocke works are not what is really remarkable, nor are the elements with which it has been created. What really amazes the organizations for world security and governments is the devastating effect caused by Die Glocke when it is set in motion. Twenty years later, the U.S. army accidentally finds a trace of Die Glocke somewhere in Pennsylvania (U.S.A.) and also eight of the scientists who survived the shooting of all those who had taken part in its creation, led by Professor Von Braun. Added to this is the appearance of a mysterious, implacable person who tries to cling to life with the vain intent of changing the facts. Die Glocke’s journey through history ends up being a clear example of the curse of man; because God and the devil can be the same thing, and each one interprets it in their own way. A university mathematics professor, Daniela, finds a notebook hidden in a writing desk in an old house she has just inherited. It was the notebook used by Professor Hans Kammler for the construction of Die Glocke. The notebook will only be the tip of the iceberg of a great find, and in order to under- stand it, it will be necessary to learn about other stories that are interconnected and that end up being a complicated inter-textual game of mirrors

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