The Timeless Eye concept is to join the action thriller with a historical what if film.

The photography is a bit de-saturated but with strong shadows. The aim public is teens to young adults, but the pilot (or first part) did really well with all ages in many festivals, winning 12 awards, being short listed for the Student Academy Awards (Oscar) and long listed for the Bafta Shorts. The second part won until now 5 awards in international film festivals.



The history starts in 2005 with a German soldier telling his memories to a psychologist and to his grandson, a boy with Down syndrome. He saw the horror in the war, and his wife and love of his life, Anna, a Jewish girl had made him wake up
and join the coupe to kill Hitler.

As he recounts the history, it starts to change for a different version. The past and present are bound together in a way he cannot understand. Soon we realize he shouldn’t be the one telling the facts.

We shot until now 30% of the film. As the script was made in a way it would be 8 short films edited together as one feature film, we shot 2 parts of it until now. 

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