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Fast paced and multi-layered Red Shield introduces us to the shadowy and clandestine world of global banking cartels that influence national governments and write history to suit their own aims and objectives.


Caught up in this covert world of manipulation and corruption is one James Case, founder and CEO of Case Securities, a mid-sized business operating in North London that supplies security operatives and surveillance equipment to range of domestic and corporate clients. Former Royal Military Police Captain and Army Intelligence Operative Case, falls foul of a rebel Protestant Irish paramilitary group he had previously infiltrated. Living a double life undercover Case risks everything to get at the heart of the group who the British Government is convinced will disrupt the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. Once exposed as a spy by the paramilitary group Case must be punished, and a car bomb is waiting for him outside his family home in South London. Tragically the victim of the callous attack is not Case, but it is his wife and two young daughters who fall prey to the callus terrorist attack. In one violent explosion Case loses his family and his sanity with it. The girls are killed outright and wife Veronica, although survives, is a mental and physical wreck. 

In due course Case takes the MoD to court with a compensation claim, which they turn down, a decision implemented by the Minister of Defence at the time, Lord George Hartington. However, Case holds a secret that a number of terrorist and other groups, including the MoD want to get their hands on. Consequently the compensation payout is approved and Case uses the money to set up his new business. However, he is a tormented and scarred man, with a shell of a wife who refuses to forgive him for the death of their children. She is confined to a specialist burns and psychiatric unit, for what seems to be life.

Time moves on and Case develops his business, but at the same time is also receiving MoD funded counselling to supposedly help him overcome his trauma. 

Case securities and the company development is held under scrutiny by various branches of the security service, not just for their surveillance equipment development, but also for the secret information they believe Case still sits on. Unknown to Case other more sinister organisations have their eyes on the company. The Red Shield, a surreptitious hidden banking cartel is looking to recruit a security firm to cover the protection at a forthcoming meeting of one of their steering groups. Unfortunately for Case, the Red Shield assemblage is not looking to reward the securities firm with a lucrative contract, but rather to use them as fall guys in what is going to be a mass assassination of a number of key political and business leaders when they attend the said conference. This is to be carried out by the use of a new high-velocity explosive, recently developed by a company owned by the banking cartel. C-7, or as they call it: 'a nuclear bomb in your pocket'! The material is so volatile that the smallest detonation would split an aircraft in half mid flight. Thus creating an ideal weapon for anti-western terrorists.

Meanwhile, an Italian conspiracy theorist, Julian Giovanni is onto the Red Shield organisation and is soliciting the help of Welsh author and broadcaster Ianto Davies, to expose the group at a mass rally to be held at Earls Court in London. Davies has to be stopped and a Red Shield assassin, the beautiful and vivacious Gabriella Rossetti is sent to terminate his life. The attempt fails, but however a secondary back-up plan using the C-7 explosive rips the arena apart killing hundreds and bringing London to a standstill.

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