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“Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the World.”

Albert Einstein



 A feel-good, warm and sensual history. "Chocolat" meets “Salt".

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An enigmatic lady arrives in a small Mediterranean village. She starts to teach Tango in her house only to men. The priest and the wives get suspicious and start a crusade to get rid of her. The village splits in half.

PETRUS Don’t be so picky. You know that 90 percent of a woman’s beauty goes away with water and soap. 
LUNA And a man will lose 90 percent of his intelligence when he becomes a widower. The other 10 percent when his dog dies. - Petrus smiles. 
PETRUS Be careful princess, you are playing with God’s will. He created Eve to please Adam and to procreate. 
LUNA Not at all. After creating Adam, He thought! I could do better! So he created Eve. After having created Eve, He came to Adam and Eve and told to them “I have two gifts to give to you. The first one is to pee standing up”. And Adam started to shout “For me For me For me. Please, it would make my life so much easier”. And God gave it to him, and he was so happy and started peeing drawing in the sand. Then Eva asked “and the second gift my Lord?” And God answered “A Brain, my dear, here, it is for you.” 
Petrus looks for an answer but he is without answers already. As Petrus stumps away entering in the Café. Jose’ smiles.

“Salt" meets "Chocolat"

Lydia Brockway‎ feedback for TAO, TANGO & Temptation

7/03/ 2015 · 

When i read a book as good as yours, i'm left with that feeling of grieving the end of the story, although it ends in a meaningful way.
I visualized everything...

It keeps me coming up with all possibilities as i'm was very stimulating

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